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Blogs are database-backed web sites that are managed through a web interface that makes it easy to add, delete, and manage content. This ease of use and standardization does place some restrictions on what you can do with a blog. There are numerous free blog systems out there, including, blogspot and others, but few will allow you to customize your blog to match the branding of your web site and company.

Background of Blogs

Blogs were originally developed to allow Joe Anybody to be able to publish content to the web. Granted some people have not bothered to ask if they really SHOULD publish content to the web, but do anyway. They were originally used for "diary-like" pages where people could self-publish articles, journals, editorials and opinion. Most blogs were so ego-centric as to be useless.

Blogs are Content Management Systems

Blogs use software on the web server such as Wordpress to allow users to open a web page, make edits to a form based administration panel and save the changes to a database . This database then delivers these pages as HTML/PHP on demand.

Blog Customization: Not Always the Right Solution

We love blogs! They make it easy for our clients to add more content to the web. Blog hosting is slightly cheaper than web hosting but also has some limitations.
  • But while blogs at Wordpress .com,, and are free, they are also severely limited in how much you can customize them.
  • Blogs are not as customizable as HTML.
  • There is not as much flexibility in functional programming a blog as HTML.

Benefits of Blog Customization

However, business and publishers are now seeing the benefits using blogs to quickly and easily publish news, updates and industry information out to the web without knowing any HTML.
  • Through the use of free third party plug-ins, Blogs can add a variety of functionality.
  • Blogs are like online magazines. While they have the capability of interaction through comments, most blogs are looked at, and used, as ways to publish articles to disseminate content.
  • While helpful, it is not necessary to know any HTML to write and edit blogs.
  • Flickr and other photo sites have created ways to integrate photos on their sites directly into your blog with a simple click.
  • Search engines love them due to their constantly updated content.
  • As easy to use as a word processor, blog administration pages look much like one.

Customization of Your Blog

Consistency in branding is important because it makes your company more memorable if you are presenting the same imagery and style in every contact with your prospective customers. Blogs are easy to use, but before your company jumps in on blogging you may want to have it customized to match your web site and branding. This is were Metheney Consulting comes in. We can customize your blog using CSS to stylize your themes so that they match your company's branding and look and feel. We can even create multiple themes which you can switch with the click of a mouse. blog customization requires about the same amount of time as developing a Software-based HTML site. The major expense to a professional blog is customizing it to match your branding and give a distinctive look and feel. Most blogs have a certain grid-like style which can be avoided with an HTML web site, but have huge number of templates that can be customized through Cascading Style Sheets to reflect your own look and feel. blog styles are controlled by themes, essentially pages that tell the blog pages what to look like. These themes are controlled by CSS (cascading style sheet) pages. These CSS pages control the position of images, fonts, backgrounds, colors, and nearly every aspect of the blog page. Once we have customized your blog , it is a one time set-up and you can then edit and publish your web updates as easily as typing into a word processor.

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Metheney Consulting can help you design and customize a blog to match your web site and teach you how to edit, update and manage your blog . Think of a blog as an online magazine that you are publishing news through. This is an easy way to get news out to your viewers. However, there are tricks to managing this marketing tool to integrate it into your marketing mix and get the most from your expenditure of time and money. Let us help you reap the most benefits from your blog and online newsletter. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how.


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