Twitter Design by Metheney ConsultingUmbrella Company’s Social Media Marketing: TwitterMyUmbrellaShop Facebook Design by Metheney Consulting contracted Our Marketing Group (a subsidiary of Metheney Consulting) to assist them with the umbrellas company’s social media marketing. One of the first orders of business was creating and customizing a Twitter page for the umbrella manufacturer and retailer. The Twitter page incorporates their branding from the website and allows them to post the latest specials and news on their account.

Umbrella Company’s Social Media Marketing: Facebook

Another dimension to their social media marketing plan was to develop a brand-consistent Facebook presence.  All of these aspects increase their Internet footprint, giving potential customers greater aces to the company and its branding.

Umbrella Company’s Social Media Marketing: Email Campaigns

Our Marketing Group also designed and developed email campaigns and templates for My Umbrella Shop to enable them to reach out to past customers with specials, offers, cross-sells, and news and updates.

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