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There is more to marketing than just ONLINE.

Web and digital marketing should be just a piece of your marketing mix. Don’t forget to include direct mail pieces such as postcards, brochures, etc. You will also need business cards, logos, and flyers. Make sure these all match your web site by having Metheney Consulting design a consistent look and feel across all your branding initiatives.

We have been designing marketing materials for decades and can bring that experience to bear on your marketing initiatives. From a single project to a complete branding package. The prevailing theory is that you have to “touch” your prospects about 7 times before they are ready to buy.

Graphic Design: book cover designBook Cover Design – In the last few years, Metheney Consulting has received more and more requests to assist with book cover designs. No matter how well a manuscript may be written, if the jacket design is bad, the book’s sales will reflect poorly.Graphic Design: video trailers Video Trailers – Along with book covers, more requests have come into develop video trailers for books. These video snippets need to be short, fast paced, and charge the viewer with emotion and curiosity.
Graphic Design: brochures Brochures – Many prospective clients prefer to have materials in their hand that they can hold and read offline. For these potential customers, don’t forget to develop offline marketing materials.Graphic Design: postcardsPostcards – One of the most cost effective forms of direct marketing. Targeted mailings with very specific demographics and locations can render awesome results and sales.
Graphic Design: AdsAds – The grandfather of all marketing initiatives, advertising (newspapers, trade magazines, etc.) has lost ground to more cost effective marketing tools such as email campaigns and online advertising. However, these traditional advertising tools are great for getting your name out in front of prospective customers and Metheney Consulting can help design ads that get attention and are consistent with your branding and message.Graphic Design: complete branding packagesCollateral Design – Aside from brochures and postcards, you will also need other forms of “hands-on” marketing: business cards, flyers, posters, trade show booth design, etc. We can help you design all these both affordably and so they get results.

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