Twitter micro-blogs 280 characters at a time!


Twitter is “the little social media ”. You are only able to broadcast 280 characters or less in a given “Tweet”. It’s like publishing a micro-blog. The benefits of Twitter (as with many of the Web 2.0 media) are not really noticeable until you start to establish a sizable list of followers.

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Twitter, just like any online tool, can be used to benefit your company, or can be used as huge time waster. Contact Metheney Consulting about setting up your Twitter account and customizing its look and feel or contact Our Marketing Group to discuss how we can plan long term social media campaign that will get results for your business with a minimum of effort and cost.

Some Twitter 101:

While Twitter is simple to use and set-up, how effective it is for business is based on…

  • What you Tweet – How informative, funny or interesting your Tweets are
  • What you link to – driving traffic to other sites is not always the optimum solution
  • The style in which you Tweet – remember everything you do or communicate impacts your brand
  • Scheduling of Tweets to coincide with your blog posts and updates
  • Integration of Tweets and other social media
  • Use of Tweets as content for your website or blog to use Twitter as a content manager, simplifying your life
  • Tweets – up to 140 character posts to Twitter
  • Tag – your Twitter call sign or login name.
  • Following – people you are monitoring their Tweets
  • Followers – people that following your Tweets
  • # – Mentions – By placing a hash mark in front of a Twitter ’s tag, you are “mentioning” them and they will be notified that their name has come up in a Tweet.
  • Re-Tweets – republishing someone else’s Tweet. If you thought a particular Tweet was funny or informative, you can Re-Tweets it to all the people following your Twitter account. If the person that Tweeted it originally only has a few followers and you have hundreds or thousands, this is a way for their Tweet to reach more. If someone with a huge following finds your Tweet interesting and Re-Tweets it, it can be a great way to quickly build up a following.
  • Replies – public replies to a specific Tweet from someone… that everyone can read.
  • Direct message – private message to someone
  • Tweeps – your Twitter “peeps”
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Some Twitter Stats


  • 8% of U.S adults get their news through Twitter 1
  • 16% of adults use Twitter in the U.S. 1
  • 271 million active users on Twitter worldwide 1
  • 52.7 Million of these are in the US
  • 100 million of them log into the service on daily basis
  • 78% of Twitter active users are on mobile2
  • 77% of accounts are outside the U.S.2
  • Number of new Twitter users signing up everyday: 135,0002
  • Number of unique Twitter site visitors every month: 190 million 2
  • % of Twitter users that created an account but never sent a Tweet: 44%5
  • Number of Twitter accounts with no Followers 391 million5


  • 45%, of Twitter news consumers are 18-29 years old1
  • Twitter news consumers also tend to be more educated than the general population and than Facebook news consumers. Four-in-ten (40%) Twitter news consumers have at least a bachelor’s degree, compared with 29% of the total population and 30% of Facebook news consumers.1
  • 58 million posts on Twitter daily2
  • Most common reasons why people use Twitter
    • Discounts & Promos 94%
    • Free Stuff 88%
    • Fun & Entertainment 87%
    • Updates on upcoming sales 79%
    • Access to exclusive content 79%
  • 5000 Tweets are tweeted each and every second
  • 3 million websites integrate with Twitter
  • % of Twitter users who use their phone to tweet: 43 % 2
  • Number of tweets that happen every second: 9,100 2
  • The growth rate of Tweets is about 30% per year, which is good, but down from 1000% per year in 2009 4
  • Average # of Followers per Twitter user: 2085
  • Average time spent per month on Twitter per user 170 minutes5

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