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LinkedIn to Business

LinkedIn (http:/// is an online web service that allows individuals and businesses to network. It’s very much like a business-oriented Facebook. It is more utilitarian, no-nonsense than Facebook, you won’t find kids there talking about their dog or who’s dating who. LinkedIn is for people or companies that provide business to business services or products, much more so than B2C.

How We Can Help You with LinkedIn

Metheney Consulting and Our Marketing Group can help you manage your LinkedIn account to your greatest advantage by managing a content and marketing schedule of posts, coordinating posts with other media, blogs, site updates, offerings and fitting it into your overall marketing plan. We can also help you minimize your time usage, but like many social networks, the more time you spend forging connections, participating in groups and being active, the more benefit your will receive from it.

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn focuses on business profiles (very much like resumes) and brief Twitter-like status updates. As with any social media , the more followers (LinkedIn calls them “connections”) you acquire, the greater your network. Much like the game “Six Degrees of Separation”, your Connections come in four flavors:

  • 1st – people you are directly connected with (example: you have 100 connections)
  • 2nd – people connected to your connections (i.e. Each of your 100 connections has 100 connection, so you have 10,000 secondary connections you could make direct or primary connections)
  • 3rd – people who are connected to your secondary connections (i.e. each of those has 100 connections x your 10,000 secondary connections = 1,000,000 connections you could connect to)
  • No ConnectionLinkedIn doesn’t talk about these much, but there are people that none of your connections are connected to, so these are people you have no path to you unless they stumble across your profile in a search.

According to LinkedIn, (as of this writing) they have over 85 million members in 200 countries, half of which are outside the U.S. A new member joins every second.

LinkedIn Key Demographics

Predominantly Caucasian college graduates, LinkedIn is 50-50, male to female, 68% over 35 years old making more than $60,000 per year, 76% of which have no kids under 17.

What is LinkedIn Good For

  • Post your profile to provide accurate information about you should someone search for you on the web
  • Post and look for job listings
  • Build your credibility – Get recommendations from other professionals
  • Post your status – to keep business people informed on what you are doing
  • Establish yourself as a subject matter expert – Post informational or educational nuggets
  • Connect to like minded professionals – join LinkedIn Groups
  • Expand your network of connections


  • Manage the information that’s publicly available about you as professional
  • Find and be introduced to potential clients, service providers, and subject experts who come recommended
  • Create and collaborate on projects, gather data, share files and solve problems
  • Be found for business opportunities and find potential partners
  • Gain new insights from discussions with like minded professionals in private group settings
  • Discover inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals
  • Post and distribute job listings to find the best talent for your company

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With 75% Caucasian and nearly 50-50% in male to female, Facebook demographics indicate 74% over 18 (32% over 35 years of age), and 63% earning more than $60,000 in income with 53% of the members college graduates. Contact us to day to see how we can integrate Facebook as part of your social media and marketing strategy.

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