Search Engine Marketing [S.E.M.]

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.), Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
The best website in the world is WORTHLESS, if no one can find it.

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.)


SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING [S.E.M.] uses ALL the techniques to get you more traffic from search engines!

Search Engine Marketing [S.E.M.] is a combination of all the techniques used (including Search Engine Optimization [SEO] and Pay Per Click [PPC] advertising) to get your web site ranked better by the search engines when someone searches for your particular keyword phrases.

Search Engine Marketing [S.E.M.] Does NOT Mean More Profit!

Search Engine Marketing [S.E.M.] is the overall term for building more traffic through search engines toward your web site. More traffic theoretically means more business*, which (theoretically) means more revenue** and more profit.

*We use the word “theoretically” because you can get a huge amount of incoming traffic from the search engines, but if your site is not well designed or easy to use, the new visitors will just go away without doing what you want them to do. So while you received more traffic, it does not guarantee more business, unless your site is well designed.

**More traffic also does not mean more revenue or profit. This is more of a result of your business plan. If you costs are too high, if your competition is better positioned, if there is not enough value to your service or product, you will not generate more revenue or profit. All Search Engine Marketing [S.E.M.] does is bring people from the search engines to your “marketplace” (whether you sell directly on the web or not), it’s up to you to make sure your web site is ready and well designed for ease of use and your offering is competitive. We can help.

Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click ads

Search Engine Optimizing has a lower long term cost than Pay Per Click advertising [PPC], but is also slower to take affect and you have less control and no guarantees as to where you will rank in the S.E.R.P.s [Search Engine Result Pages]. Essentially, you are fine-tuning your web site and praying for the best results.

Pay Per Click advertising [PPC]gives you greater control over when and for what keywords your ads (results) will display, but costs you every time someone clicks on them. You can stop your ads on Pay Per Click advertising [PPC]immediately by just clicking pause. Your Pay Per Click advertising [PPC]also begins immediately as soon as you activate them and you have some control as to where in the PPC rankings your ads will appear. If you are doing well in the organic rankings (Search Engine Optimizing or SEO), you do not necessarily have to put ads (spend money) in the same keywords in your Pay Per Click advertising [PPC].

You should not rely on just Search Engine Optimizing [SEO] or Pay Per Click advertising [PPC] to take care of all of your Search Engine Marketing [S.E.M.] needs. They are just a couple of pieces in your marketing tool kit.

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.), Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Search Engine Optimization – Altering your content and code to make it more search-engine friendly. If the search engine algorithm likes it better, you get better rankings (and hopefully, depending on how it’s done) more traffic. Some people think this “organic rankings”, or natural, ranking has more validity than a paid sponsored ad.

The key to this is knowing how and where to alter your content to make it into something the search engines like better. Then submitting it the proper way so the search engines don’t see it as SPAM.

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.), Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Bidding on select key words on Google and Bing search engines – is one way to get traffic to your site. If they click on your sponsored listing and go to your site, you pay whatever your bid is for that particular phrase. This can ‘guarantee’ top placement with the search engines. You chose a daily/monthly budget and when your daily budget runs out your sponsored listing comes down. You will see these sponsored listings along the top and right side of search engine results pages. The key to PPC strategies is developing ads (with very few characters) that both entice viewers to click while discouraging non-qualified clicks.

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.), Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Inbound Links Google’s Page Rank has an algorithm, named after one its founders (not web pages) Larry Page, this measures how many links with your specific key words link back to your web site. Google figures the more links back to your site with this keyword, the more likely that makes you an expert in that field, and subsequently gives you higher rankings.

Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M.), Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Email Campaign – Using email to direct specific prospects to you web site. The key to this is having a mailing list that is not filled with SPAM email addresses. Recipients must “opt-in” to receive emails from you.

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