Search Engine MarketingOnce the site has been designed as user-friendly as possible and geared to obtaining your business goals, it needs to be promoted and marketed. Spending money to improve the usability and branding of your website is a waste of money if you can’t drive more traffic there. On the opposite side of that, spending time and money to drive traffic to your site, if it is not geared to converting viewers into buyers is ALSO a waste of money.

Search Engine Promotion:

There are two primary ways to improve your ranking with the search engines (Both systems are quite a bit more complicated than they sound.) The more time and labor that is spent on this phase, the more results you will see. The trick is to balance budget, needs, and expectations.

Search Engine Optimization

Sometimes called “organic” S.E.O. It means “organically” fine-tuning your web site and then submitting it to the search engines… and quite literally, hoping for the best. This type of promotion may get you better rankings in the non-sponsored listings of the major search engines. Organically growing your site costs less over the very long run, but is slower to get a response. If done correctly, optimizing will improve your rankings, but does not guarantee top placement. S.E.O. consists of two significant actions on your part (or those of a specialist):

A.) Fine-Tuning the Site – Fine-tuning the site based on the needs analysis to make the site as search engine friendly as possible. This is very labor intensive and may be restricted by the amount of time spent on creating content for each of the products and general content pages for the web site such as About the Company, educational pages, etc. To fine-tune your site, you need to analyze various factors the search engines look for, keywords, traffic patterns in your site, quantity and quality of content, placement of key terms, your current rankings and competitors, alt tags, meta-tags, etc. Then your site needs to be systematically submitted the way each engine prefers.

B.) Submitting the Site to the Search Engines – The next step is to submit your site to the search engines so they can rank them for particular keywords. The two types of engines are A.) Engines that crawl your site and index each page on their own. These require manual submission of the home page. B.) Engines that we submit every page to in a specific way, so they do not think they are being  “spammed” and penalize yours with reduced rankings.

The Other Search Engine Marketing: P.P.C.

Pay-Per-Click Site Advertising Strategy is bidding on select keywords and paying a specific amount for each click from the search engine ad to your web site. These are called “click-throughs.” If they click on your sponsored listing and go to your site, you pay whatever your bid is. This can ‘guarantee’ top placement with the search engines.  For instance, let’s say you wanted to appear in the top listings for “running shoes.” You might agree to pay 25 cents per click. If no one pays more than this, then you would be in the number one spot. If someone else later decides to pay 26 cents, then you slip into the number two position. You could then bid 27 cents and move back on top if you wanted to.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) requires a bit of analysis: all of the analysis in the Organic method plus… review of your keyword strategy, competitive spending/bids, search counts, conversion rates (visitors who come and turn into buyers), profit per conversion, and return on investment calculations. All of this leads to a PPC strategy and budget that will give you an action plan to control your spending and results. PPC gets faster results but requires a dedicated monthly budget.

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