Left Hand Publishers Web page Design by Metheney ConsultingMetheney Consulting has recently designed and developed a publishing web site and marketing program for Left Hand Publishers, an independent book publisher. Paul K. Metheney, founder and senior consultant for Metheney Consulting, works as a contract consultant for Left Hand, assisting them with marketing, book cover design, social media, and website design for their authors. He occasionally works as an editorial liaison, working with, and nurturing new writers. Besides the web site, Metheney has also designed and works on their Facebook page, Facebook group, and Twitter page, customizing them to match the brand of the publisher.

Left Hand Publishers Facebook page design by Metheney ConsultingAn Unassuming Publishing Web Site

Left Hand Publishers gave Metheney design parameters NOT to build an extraordinarily flashy site.¬† The focus of Left Hand Publishers is on the authors, not themselves. It needs to be functional (allow authors to submit their work quickly) and yes, it should do some marketing to attract new talent, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. The focus is to stay on the authors and their branding.

Social Media Program

Left Hand Publishers Twitter Design by Metheney Consulting


Metheney has helped develop a full social media marketing program for Left Hand Publishers. This marketing plan includes a Twitter account which is customized to match the rest of their branding. Twitter is helpful in keeping the presence active and auto-populating an area on their web page.


Another aspect of social media that can’t be ignored is Facebook. With well over a BILLION MAUs (Monthly Active Users), Facebook cannot be overlooked in anyone’s marketing plan. One billion MAUs is nearly a 7th of the planet!¬† There are over 70 Facebook Groups dedicated to writing and publishing which collectively have over a million members¬†(granted some of them are members in multiple groups). Left Hand uses these groups to reach out to these aspiring writers for announcements and Calls for Submission. It is also an excellent way to keep their signed authors up to date with the latest news. Metheney developed not only a customized Facebook page for Left Hand, but a similarly customized Facebook Group for their authors to promote their work.

Email Campaigns

Left Hand (as designed and customized by Metheney Consulting) uses an email system to reach out to their authors, reviewers, and fans. These systems allow for self-removal of a subscription as well as self-subscribing via their web site, minimizing the database maintenance Left Hand has to do. Left Hand sends out Calls for Submission as well as newsletters updating their authors on upcoming events.

Print Collateral & Book Covers

Metheney Consulting has used the same designs it used for the web site to design business cards and bookmarks for Left Hand Publishers. This is all in an effort to keep their branding consistent. Another service provided is the deisgn of book covers for Left Hand’s anthologies and some of their authors.

In Full Disclosure

Left Hand Publishers also has contracted Paul K. Metheney to publish several of his upcoming books. Later this summer, they are printing two collections of his short stories and a full-length novel, as well as select several of his short stories to be published in recent anthologies, Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths Vol. I and Beautiful Lies, Painful Truths Vol. II, now on sale.

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