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Back in 2010, a large number of clients we spoke with were not getting the results they wanted from their websites. When we asked how they were marketing the sites, they replied: “We aren’t.” I blame Kevin Costner. That movie line, “if you build it, they will come” is a lot of hogwash. If you build a store and don’t advertise it, or throw promotions, or market it in any way, you are begging for failure.

A Better Mouse Trap

Metheney Consulting‘s response was to create a new business model. For years, we had avoided “post-development” involvement, but we realized that our clients were getting good websites, but not realizing the results they should. So, we created a new model for our sister-business, Our Marketing Group, to be a monthly retainer-based service that charges less than our normal rates, but gives customers regular marketing services. How can we do that? Glad you asked. We provide Our Marketing Group services during our underutilized hours. While our average hourly rate goes down, we are now utilizing a higher percentage of the time, making us more profitable. Anyone in the web design (or any service industry) can tell you that “high utilization” is critical. Our clients get lower monthly rates and more consistent, professional marketing. We get a guaranteed monthly annuity income and higher overall utilization. Everyone wins.

Aimed at medium-sized businesses that can’t afford a full sized advertising agency, Our Marketing Group is designed to fill the void for companies that need part-time marketing services in maintaining their websites, managing their social media venues, developing graphics, and executing and planning their marketing strategies. The spin-off firm has been operating for the last few years and has already signed a half-dozen new clients.

Our Marketing Group vs. Metheney Consulting

“The difference between Metheney Consulting and Our Marketing Group is: if you need a single project, Metheney Consulting is more affordable. If you need long-term help with your marketing, Our Marketing Group is much more cost-effective. It’s the same 30 years of marketing and management expertise, but by signing a longer-term contract, we can give clients substantial rate discounts because it guarantees billable hours we can use to fill in around our higher rate projects. ” quoted president and senior consultant, Paul Metheney. “We get more billable hours (albeit at much lower rates), and they get professional marketing resulting in higher sales.”

Typical tasks include optimizing clients websites for better search engine rankings, developing and executing pay per click advertising, developing CRM systems for prospect management, customizing and managing email campaigns, and scheduling a marketing plan and calendar of coordinated social media posts.

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Our Marketing Group, SEO, email marketing, PPC strategiesMetheney Consulting, SEO, email marketing, PPC strategies Contact Our Marketing Group about how they can assist you monthly as a part-time marketing department without the full time cost, or Metheney Consulting on developing your online marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, email campaigns, pay-per-click advertising strategies, web site maintenance and development, web site design, blog development, and traditional marketing consulting on a project-by-project basis. Our Marketing Group provides digital marketing services for a fraction of the cost via monthly retainers and sliding scale hourly contracts. Call or email us at .