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VIDEO: The Basics of Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization Video

A quick 4 min. Search Engine Optimization Video tutorial for students and clients who want to get a start in online marketing, some terminology and basic concepts of SEO. This video is NOT for Intermediate or Advanced online marketers. We discuss SEO, SEM, Sponsored Ads vs. Organic listings, Search Engine Result Pages, etc.

The Purpose of these Search Engine Optimization Video

I created this Search Engine Optimization Video to be informative, educational (and hopefully not annoying) to give my students (I teach Internet Marketing part-time in the evenings at the local community college.) a better understanding of the basics behind SEO and Search Engine Marketing. With any luck, anyone watching these will better understand the terminology, concepts, and ideas behind search engine optimization.


  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization, fine-tuning your web page for specific keyword phrases for specific search engines to get organically* ranked better on search engine results
  • Organic Rankings – when someone searches for your keyword phrase,  they get sponsored listings and natural listings (unsponsored). These unsponsored listings in a SERP* are organic.
  • Ranking factors – hundreds of factors such as…
    • Alt tags – code behind any pictures
    • Headers
    • Keyword Density – ratio of keyword phrases compared to text
    • Prominence – ratio and position of keyword phrases in your body copy
  • SERP – Search Engine Ranking Page, the results page when you search for something in a search engine such as Google.

If your web page is not listed on the first page, it is unlikely you will be seen. You need to SEO and submit your page again. (It may be ina field so competive that it might be very difficult to get a top ranking on teh first page.) The first results listed get substantially higher traffic than lower results.


After one look at these, I realize I have the perfect face for podcasting.

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Get Engaged: Social Media

Engaged Social Media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
Social Media is like a cocktail party.

Engaged Social Media

I often tell my Internet Marketing students to treat their Social Media like going to a cocktail party. If you go to a cocktail party and hand out business cards and say “Buy my services or products! Buy my services or products!” you will notice people shying away from you… in droves. The trick is to be ENGAGING. Interact with others, ask them questions, be humorous, be informative, be interesting. (With Engaged Social Media,) you will notice that more and more people gather around you at the party, or at the very least find you nice to be around. Continue reading “Get Engaged: Social Media”


SEO vs. PPC Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click
Search Engine Optimization vs. Pay Per Click


Do I need to spend money on Pay-Per-Click? Can I just optimize my web site? The answer is: if you are doing well in a given set of keywords in the SEO organic rankings, you don’t need to bid on those keywords in the Pay-Per-Click advertising. Save the money. In this article, we will explore the differences between SEO vs. PPC.

What’s The Difference?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is just fine-tuning your web site, so the search engines rank it better. It’s much slower but has a longer result. It also does not disappear as soon as you stop paying Google (or whatever search engine you are purchasing ads from). Continue reading “SEO vs. PPC”

Conversions: Increasing Your Search Engine Profitability

Conversion: Convert web visitors into sales
Convert web visitors into sales

Your Conversion Rate” is the ratio or percentage of web site visitors you ‘convert’ from just viewers to buyers, compared to those just looking. So if 1 person out of 100 visitors to your web site buys something, you have a conversion rate of 1%. (If you make $500 profit per sale, you just made $500.) If you go from 1 person buying to 2, you have doubled your conversion rate (and profits) WITH NO EXTRA ADVERTISING COST.

Doubling Your Buyers & Budget…

You could increase your ad budget, keyword bids, or rankings to get more traffic so that instead of 100 visitors, you have 200. Thus, 2 buyers. But it usually costs you DOUBLE to do that (that is not bad strategy either, as long as you are getting a positive ROI). Based on the theoretical number used above, you made $1000 in profit, but it cost you DOUBLE to do that. Continue reading “Conversions: Increasing Your Search Engine Profitability”