Charlotte web firm re-designs musical instrument website!

JL Smith & Co musical instrument website
JL Smith & Co

Metheney Consulting Inc. and Our Marketing Group deliver a website ( to Charlotte-based J.L. Smith & Co., one of the premier wind instruments resellers in the world. Primarily focusing on flutes, clarinets, and saxophones, the e-commerce site features more than just a new look and feel. Based on the NetSuite platform, the site integrates with J.L. Smith’s inventory and back-end systems. The new musical instrument website combines the company’s site’s static content with dynamic product information and catalog. The website plays to both the company’s retail market and industry professionals such as technicians and craftsmen with extensive parts and supplies sections. Besides much more extensive information and expanded product line, the website also sports a new, easier to use, navigation system that allows the viewer to get to anywhere in the site in one or two clicks.

Besides the new site re-fit, Our Marketing Group has designed a new email template to work with the NetSuite email Customer Relationship Management system and is working to optimize the site for even better rankings with the search engines.

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