Metheney Consulting Ch-Ch-Changes!

Metheney Consulting/Our Marketing Group, SEO, Pay-Per-Click digital ad agency, makes some changesTo save our clients time and money, Metheney Consulting and Our Marketing Group ( SEO [ search engine optimization ], PPC [pay-per-click advertising], email campaigns, & digital marketing specialists) are going to be making some BIG changes over the next few months. Referrals, moving, company structure, virtual meetings, digital invoicing, and e-check payments are just some of the changes coming to MC & OMG that are either free benefits to our clients or make & save them money.

  • Referrals – If a client recommends a new client and they sign up for an Our Marketing Group retainer for one year, we will credit their account with $100.
  • MovingMetheney Consulting and Our Marketing Group are officially moving to Florida. North Carolina has changed its laws about sales tax for services. Florida is a “No State Sales Tax” state. There will be no change in the quality of customer service. For 2018, we will maintain offices in both North Carolina and Florida, but our official state of residence for the business will be Florida.
  • Changing Company StructuresMetheney Consulting and Our Marketing Group (Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, email campaigns, & digital marketing specialists) have dissolved our NC S-Corp and incorporated as an LLC in Florida.  Our EIN stays the same, but we are now a Florida LLC.
  • Metheney Consulting/Our Marketing Group, SEO, Pay-Per-Click digital ad agency, makes some changesVirtual Meetings – To save our clients time and money in travel costs to and from meetings, we have purchased WebEx virtual meetings from Cisco. This makes it easy to assist clients with computer related issues and save them travel expenses to and from meetings. (This could save some clients several hours per month.) It also makes it easy to do presentations on either end. Several attendees can log in from several different locations, making remote meetings breeze. We can’t see anyone’s screen unless they click “Share Screen.” We also can’t view your video unless you manually turn your WebCam on. This is completely FREE to all our clients. When we need to do a meeting, we will email the attendees an invite link to click and a meeting number. This allows us to
    • video conference right from their browsers (if they have a video camera attached their computers),
    • share screens (if they choose to), and even
    • control each other’s mouse (only with their permission).
  • Metheney Consulting/Our Marketing Group, SEO, Pay-Per-Click digital ad agency, makes some changesDigital Invoicing and Payment – To make it easier, faster, and more affordable to pay invoices, we are now using new interactive, electronic invoicing from Quickbooks Online. We have been using QuickBooks Desktop for decades and finally moved over to the Online version. Client invoices will look slightly different than before. They will still get them in an email, just not as a PDF. They can still print them. The invoices will still have all the same details in them.
  • e-Checks – We are also enabling e-check payments which will make it easier, faster, and cheaper to pay their invoice. Just click on the “Pay Now” button on the invoice, and they can send us an e-check instantly vs. paying postage, mailing it out, etc. It’s as easy as checking email.  More secure and affordable than mailing paper checks.

We hope our clients and future clients enjoy these new features and benefits. We strive every day to add value to working with Metheney Consulting and Our Marketing Group.

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