Memory Lane Interview from 2005

Interview from 2005! interviewed by local business journalInterview from 2005!

I’m working on the website, and I run across this link:   It’s an interview the Charlotte business Journal did with me back in 2005 (over 13 years ago).  Back then, Metheney Consulting had been voted into the Top 25 Web Designers of Charlotte for five or six years in a row, and then I realized that our work speaks for itself and quit accepting nominations from The Charlotte Business Journal.

The article talks about my inspirations, worries,  misconceptions, and mistakes. Sadly, they are the same worries today.

Most-admired entrepreneur: In 1954, Ray Kroc was 52 years old, had diabetes, incipient arthritis, had lost his gallbladder, most of his thyroid. He sold mixers for a living but was convinced that the best was ahead of him. He then literally created the fast-food industry with McDonald’s by envisioning needs and trends.

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