PRICING: Frequently Asked Questions

PRICING: Frequently Asked QuestionsPRICING: Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most Frequently Asked Questions is: “How much?” Occasionally followed by “Why so much?”

PRICING: Frequently Asked Questions: How much does a new web site cost?

A. It all gets down to “How much?” It would be great if one price fit all, but unfortunately, every project is as unique as you and your company are. Each project is priced on a custom basis. Once Metheney Consulting has met with you and assessed your needs, we can provide an estimate or proposal that details our suggested solutions.

This proposal is a starting point for discussing how we can jointly decide the best economy of technology and service for your company. Once the scope has been determined in a signed proposal, a contract will be provided. Standard terms are 50% down and the balance upon completion of the project.

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PRICING: Frequently Asked Questions: What does a Mobile Device Web site cost?

A. Mobile friendly web sites have become nearly mandatory since April 21st, 2015, when Google changed their policy to penalize in rankings (even on computer web browser) any web sites not classified as “mobile friendly” by their standards. We custom price every project since they are all custom built. The good news is that ALL our projects (from now on) are now mobile friendly.

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PRICING: Frequently Asked Questions: Can you give me ANY idea on pricing?

A. Yes… but… it’s like saying you want a house built. How many windows? How many rooms? How many doors? Do you want central air? One story or two? How many bays for your garage? Do you want a pool? You get the idea. With sites now requiring to be mobile friendly, this requires more testing. Testing means time and time is… well, you know. You can probably look for a basic web site, mobile friendly, to be in the several thousand to ten thousand dollar range. It depends on functionality and size. We seen sites that costs millions of dollars. Metheney Consulting hasn’t done any, but let’s just prices vary widely.

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PRICING: Frequently Asked Questions: How do you estimate my web site costs?

A.All work is performed on a time and materials basis. If any project begins to “creep” beyond the scope listed in the contract, you will be immediately notified with a change order. Proper project management keeps you informed and involved. Once we receive your preliminary info, we will contact you to find out a few details or to set up a time to talk in person and then we can provide you with a free estimate of what it would take to develop your project. Some projects may be so complex that they require a Discovery Phase prior to estimating the scope of your project.

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PRICING: Frequently Asked Questions – GUARANTEES: Do you offer any guarantees?

A.We DO guarantee that if you absolutely HATE all 3 initial designs and do not want any part of them, that we will refund your deposit and we can part friends. We will even suggest other web designers you may contact. This could mean that we are not on the same page as to the branding direction you want to go with your company. We can say that it has never happened in 20+ years. By the time we get to the Design Phase, we have a pretty good idea what you are looking for. We do NOT warranty any results you can expect. We only guarantee that you will like the design we come up with. We also do NOT guarantee any specific amount of traffic or revenue.

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