FAQ: What Can I Do?

FAQs: What Can I Do to Help Cut Costs?

Q: What is the first step for me?

A: The first step is to give us a call and meet with us. Once we learn more about your company, business goals, web objectives and technical requirements, we can custom tailor an estimate for your needs.

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Q: What can I bring to first the meeting?

A: This one is easy. You can send these in advance in a single email to save time if you like…

  • A list of your business objectives in priority.
  • A list of site URLs you love and hate and why.
  • A list of pages you would like to see on the
  • A list of technical requirements for interactivity for your site.
  • Any content you may already have written or photos in digital format.
  • Your logo in electronic format (preferably
  • Any collateral material (brochures, pamphlets, flyers, postcards etc.) you have already developed.
  • Any logins for your domain name (Network Solutions, etc.) or your login for your existing hosting.

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Q: Can I use digital photography from my camera?

A: Yes, of course, this is your web site and one way to save money is to do the photography yourself. Keep in mind that for some shots, professional photography will be better lighted, framed, and generally give a more professional appearance. Sometimes professional stock photography or custom photography is the BEST solution, but shooting your own may be a more affordable solution.

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Q: Can I provide the content or do I need a copywriter?

A: Absolutely you can write your own text for the site. After all, who knows your business better than you? That said, client-supplied content for the web site is the single toughest area we encounter when developing a site. The problem is that everyone has a full time job in their day to day lives and web site copywriter is not usually it. So in general, we always end up waiting for the content while working on a site and delays usually end up costing more. Professional copywriters can write from an objective viewpoint, aiming the content toward the intended goal you want to achieve with the reader, while you may be too close to the subject matter. A professional WEB copywriter will understand the importance of how content affects rankings in search engine optimization. At the very least, you should consider having a professional edit your content for SEO and marketing impact. As in photography, writing your own content is the most affordable way to create it, but hiring a professional may be the best way to do it.

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Q: How can I save money on a project?

A: Besides providing your photography and content, There are a number of ways to keep the scope of the project from getting out of control…

  • Supply your content and photography all at one time. This means we don’t have to spend time keeping track of multiple emails, CDs, files and anything that saves us time, saves you money. This will also make the delivery of your web site quicker if we have all the pieces we need right in the beginning.
  • Keep meetings to a minimum. In the professional services world, time literally is money.
  • Keep emails and communication to a minimum. This is not to say don’t communicate, but compile lists of questions and issues (especially final punch lists for issues at the end of the project) and ask them all at one time. That way we can address one email instead of stopping work to address 50. Multiple phone calls to ask questions stop us from whatever billable project we are on to change gears to discuss your issues and we have to bill for that, other wise, we would be on the phone all days answering questions for free instead of building web sites.

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Q: What about my e-commerce product list?

A: We can provide you with an Excel template that you can either import your products into (if you are using software such as QuickBooks to control your products) or you can enter the products directly in the spreadsheet and we will import this data into the e-commerce database and populate your store with products. You may still have to go in and edit products manually, but this will make product entry much easier.

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Q: Can I watch as my site is being built?

A: Unfortunately, no. This is to save you money. While a site is being built, it will be partially constructed and will not work properly and this causes clients to ask questions that take time for us to answer which slows us from working only our site and costs you money as we take time to answer your questions. You will see what the home page and a sample content pages will look like from the Design Phase approvals. Your finished site will look almost exactly like that. Usually sites are built so quickly that once we start development, it is only a matter of a week or so until the finished site is ready for testing. Until then, we usually work on a private development server.

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Q: Why does my site look one way on one computer and different on another?

A: There are hundreds of factors why the same web page may look different on two different computers or even on the same computer. Different monitors have different settings for color, brightness, contrast, etc. so colors WILL be completely different from one computer to the next. Also HTML is a dynamic format and is not “frozen” such as a PDF and the HTML code will translate differently from browser version to browser version. One computer may be using Internet Explorer 8.0 and one maybe using Internet Explorer 7.0. One may be using Firefox and one may be using Safari. They may be both using the same version and brand, but the screen resolution may be set higher or lower allowing for more screen real estate. Depending on how your browser is set for fonts, your fonts sizes may be completely different from one machine to the next and the text may wrap differently. So no web page is guaranteed to be exactly a certain way. The goal is to provide the information in a way that is GENERALLY consistent with your branding and obtains the best business results.

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Q: Why isn’t my site design preview click-able?

A: The initial design is just a flat graphic, or a very detailed sketch, of what your web site will look like. We use this like an architectural rendering to develop the site to look as much like that as possible. Once we slice and dice the graphic into HTML elements, then it will click-able in to final web site. Until then this is just a picture of a web site.

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