PROCESS: Frequently Asked Questions

PROCESS: Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions involve: What are the different phases in the process?

PROCESS: Frequently Asked Questions: What steps are involved in building a web site?

A.Just as in nearly every project management process, there are usually about 5 steps:

  • Discovery Phase – Learn everything we can to provide the best recommendations and design options.
  • Design Phase – Plan and design mockups for approval.
  • Development Phase – Slice the graphics into HTML and develop the web site.
  • Deploy Phase – Put it up on web server somewhere for you test it. Then “Go Live” by making available to the public.
  • Support Phase – If contract to, we can make any necessary updates or maintain the site.

PROCESS: Frequently Asked Questions - Web Process Diagram


PROCESS: Frequently Asked Questions: What’s involved in this Discovery Phase?

A.The Discovery Phase is where we talk to the stakeholders, the users (if possible), and learn as much as we can about…

  • Needs Assessment – Interview internal resources to find out your business goals, internal processes, and design needs.
  • Analyze Traffic – If you have any kind of data or Analytics to show information about traffic and viewers.
  • Brand Analysis – We review existing collateral and discuss how you want your company to be perceived on the web after/during someone is visiting your online presence.
  • Technical Requirements – Learn what mechanical issues we need to address in design: browsers, devices (mobile?), screen resolutions, operating systems, etc.

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PROCESS: Frequently Asked Questions: What’s involved in the Design Phase?

A.The Design Phase is where we plan out not just the look and feel of the project, but also plan the flow of information, content, technical needs (such as hosting requirements), and set expectations in terms of “success” metrics.

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PROCESS: Frequently Asked Questions: What’s involved in the Development Phase?

A.In the Development Phase, we take everything we learned (that we haven’t done already in the Design Phase) and implement it. We slice up your prototype mockup layouts and cut them up and optimize the graphics so they fit into an HTML page. In essence we build your web site.

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PROCESS: Frequently Asked Questions: What’s involved in the Deploy Phase?

A.In the Deployment Phase, we put the site on a server so that you can test it for bad links or technical isues. If we wrote the content, you will also check for typos. In that case, we Correct them at no cost. If you supplied the content and find typos, then we can still correct them, but the “clock is running” for any “changes” to teh originally supplied material. Once the site is tested by you and approved, we put it up ona public web server and make it “Go Live”.

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PROCESS: Frequently Asked Questions: What’s involved in the Support Phase?

A.If contracted, in the Support Phase we can perform any maintenance and updates on an as-needed basis. Unless specifically contracted to do so, web sites are provided as-is (once you have tested an approved them).

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