Database Integration on your website

One way to utilize a large quantity of data is to integrate your website with a database. This can make your website more interactive and informative to prospective customers, both publishing and collecting data. Common examples of data integrated websites are: Systems can be based on Microsoft Access databases (limited number of users at one time) to SQL databases (providing a faster, more flexible back-end) to simple data tables. Legacy systems that you are using in your company today may also be integrated into web-based systems. [xyz-ihs snippet="help-db"]

Some Possible Database Web Applications

Think about all the things your website could do with a database integrated back-end:
  • List your products (i.e., real estate listings, e-commerce products, etc.) for prospective customers to view
  • Customers can make appointments online for consultations
  • Lists of office locations linked to maps
Private Areas of your website can have databases integrated into them as well:
  • Show your employees possible vacation days
  • Company directories
  • Job applicants -attached resumes, notes, etc.
  • Employee assignments & schedules
  • Sales order reports
  • Supply chain data
Data integrated systems can make managing data on the web a breeze. To find your customized solution for the web, contact us today!


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