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Recent Client Testimonials

Metheney Consulting & Our Marketing Group does great work. At least, our customers think so in their Client Testimonials. Examples:

Client Testimonials: Daniel Crapps Agency (Land Acreage Real Estate)

Client Testimonials: Responsive Mobile Web Design by Metheney Consulting
DCA – Responsive Mobile Web Design by Metheney Consulting

Metheney Consulting built two new web sites for us ( & Georgia, and helped us modernize these sites to today’s standards. The sites are mobile-friendly to help us rank better on Google’s mobile friendly policy and to help our potential customers work with us on their mobile devices. MC helped us set up our hosting environment as well as design and implement the new web sites. The Metheney Consulting-developed sites integrate our databases of large acreage properties so our customers can view them. Their programmers helped clean up our database integration code and made it more secure (at no extra charge). Paul was also instrumental in making changes that I had not thought of and was a pleasure to work with.

This company [Metheney Consulting] provided excellent customer service and followed up to make sure everything worked properly and that we were satisfied with the end result. Six months after launch they are still asking if everything is working as we expected.

I heavily recommend using them for your next online project.

Chuck Davis
Daniel Crapps Agency

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Client Testimonials: Shoeheel Management (Timber/Land Management)

Client Testimonials: Web Design & Development by Metheney Consulting
Web Design & Development by Metheney Consulting

Metheney Consulting developed a modernized web site ( for us that helps us manage, lease, and assist in the sales of land in the Carolinas. The new site also helps market our Timber services. The interactive, rollover menu allows viewers to get to any page of the site in one click. We have a variety of forms that allow prospective clients to request various types of information or interact with us. Metheney Consulting assisted us in setting up the hosting, email system, and graphics. The site also features an aerial video that allows our prospective customers see land from a drone’s bird’s eye view.

Metheney Consulting helped us through all the technical aspects of building a new web site and continues to assist us on an as-needed basis.

I recommend contacting Metheney Consulting if you need help with your online marketing or web development.

Clay Creed
Shoeheel Management

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Client Testimonials: Chuck Curran (Sales & Distribution)

Metheney Consulting helped us out with our multimedia needs when we wanted to provide photographs for our sales channels and retail outlets. We needed work done in a hurry and they were able to accommodate us and still provide a level of professional quality we needed. While our needs may have not been extraordinarily profitable, or revenue generating, for Metheney Consulting, they treated us with the same attitude, professionalism, and courtesy they would a multi-million dollar customer. More than just web designers, Metheney Consulting can provide you technical and marketing expertise on every level.

It’s been more than decade since we originally worked with Metheney Consulting and I would still recommend contacting them if you need any help with your marketing or web development.

Chuck Curran

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Client Testimonials: Chef’s Catering (Corporate & Wedding Catering)

Client Testimonials: Chef's Catering Earlier Web Site design & Development by Metheney Consulting
Chef’s Catering Earlier Web Site design & Development by Metheney Consulting

Metheney Consulting has been assisting us for years with our online marketing: everything from site design to pay-per-click advertising to search engine optimization. We have occasionally tried other vendors and we keep coming back to Metheney Consulting because they consistently get us results and provide great customer service. When Paul helps us, we get more business. It’s as simple as that. They have advised us on everything from photography to e-commerce to social media. Metheney Consulting defines that there is more to be “professional” than just getting paid for the job.

If you need assistance in building your business online, I recommend that you contact them today.

Bernd Schewzyk
Chef’s Catering

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