Book Cover Design & Author Web Site - Maya Shah Web Site Design by Metheney ConsultingBook Cover Design & Author Web Site and videoBook Cover Design & Author Web Site

Paul K. Metheney, founder and senior consultant for Metheney Consulting, under contract as a marketing consultant, book cover designer, and editorial liaison to Left Hand Publishers, has designed a new web site ( and book cover for author, Maya Shah. The objectives of the site designer were easy: keep it simple, make it easy for her fans to find her books and space for the author to post occasional updates. The new web site (which is responsive to mobile resizing) matches her book cover design and maintains a consistent look for Shah’s brand. Maya’s new book isĀ  The Demon’s Angel, now on sale on Amazon.

Matching Video Book Trailer

Book Cover Design & Author Web Site - Left Hand Publishers Book Trailer videos by Metheney ConsultingMetheney also developed, as a contractor for Left Hand Publishers, a new video book trailer for Maya’s book, The Demon’s Angel. The Young Adult novel tells the story of teenage Maya finding out she is an angel, raised by the demon sent to destroy her as a child. The video captures the tone of the book while adhering to a strict budget for production. Video is currently the darling of the search engines, and Youtube is the largest search engine on the web right now surpassing more volume of searches than even Google. Google takes the lead in “web site” searches, but for overall volume, Youtube is now the reigning king.

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