Content Management Systems

Managing content on your site is a headache if you are not a web developer. You need to make adjustments to text on your site quite often, but don't want to learn HTML. Maybe you have multiple people in your organization that you want to contribute to your site, but you want to be able to approve and manage the changes. Perhaps you want some content on your site to be automatically managed by a database you update regularly.

Types of Content Management Systems

There are several ways to manage your content. Our recommendations are based on:

  • the frequency and
  • quantity of change,
  • your availability of resources and
  • their level of comfort with the appropriate technology, and
  • the technical requirements of the site.

Software-based Web Site Editing

Software-based Editing This involves a member of your staff editing "static" HTML pages through the use of a software tool such as Adobe's Collaborate/Dreamweaver. (Adobe has now gone to a much despised CC version [Creative Cloud] which means you SUBSCRIBE to the software for $20-$50 per month. Pretty much everyone but Adobe hates this model and hopefully they will change it in the future). We can optionally provide training and/or documentation to help you edit the content of your site.

Why Use Software-based Editing

HTML based editing is an excellent low cost option for smaller sites with very few (1 or 2) people editing the web site. We can develop the web site so that the editors are less likely to mistakenly edit any JavaScript or menu systems. Software-based Editing is good if you have... Very few people making edits, not thousands of pages of web site to manage, don't make changes constantly, or have no need of an approval process.

Custom Content Management System from Scratch

Custom built web-based Content Management System (CMS) This is can be a web based tool that Metheney Consulting develops specifically for your site that enables your team to log into a specific web admin tool and edit content (also, blog software such as Wordpress , is a web-based Content Management Software). This requires very little training and documentation, but does require more development time for a custom system. Web-based CMS uses a database to collect, edit & deliver web pages and is better for larger sites or sites utilizing databases with large amounts of data such as data driven lists, etc. Most e-commerce sites include some sort of web based admin tool that allows a database to contain the product data, but they can also include some static pages. Optionally, we can add approval capability so that if various people need to edit content and Master Editor can approve, edit or reject content before it goes live. A custom Web-based Content Management System, even though it may be more expensive to set-up, is best if you have a large web site, a larger number of people contributing to the content or require data integration, or frequent changes.

Blog (Wordpress) based CMS

Blog -based Content Management Systems - Blogs are by definition, content management systems. Blogs use software on the web server such as Wordpress to allow users to open a web page, make edits to a form based administration panel and save the changes to a database . This database then delivers these pages as HTML/PHP on demand. blog customization requires about the same amount of time as developing a Software-based HTML site. While blogs at Wordpress .com and are free, they are also severely limited in how much you can customize them. Read more about Blogs & Blog Customization here...

Contracted Content Management

Optionally you can also hire a firm such as Metheney Consulting to manage and edit the content for your web site. Many companies find this preferable to learning the software or if they don't have the time to do the edits themselves. They simply email the changes to us and we do the edits.

More Affordable Content Management

We also have a monthly retained based company, Our Marketing Group, that allows clients to contract a certain number of hours per month for a limited contract length to manage their content for them The more hours per month they contract for, the lower the hourly rate. The longer the agreement, the lower the hourly rate. Many companies find this a great and affordable way to have their content handled without any learning curve. Metheney Consulting can integrate your site with data and create a simple system for you to manage large sites without learning HTML.


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